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Here Center

     Welcome to the Here Center! The San Fernando Valley's Here Center works with communities by nurturing collaborative research to improve health equity, with a carefree spirit.


     For the members of the CSUN community seeking a progressive environment

for researching health equity, the Here Center provides resources and opportunities that promote scholarly collaboration to empower communities toward reducing health disparities


The Intersect LA team and I conceptualized four brand identities that the HERE CENTER best embodied: uplifting, empowering, educational, and resourceful.

I chose to provide visuals for the theme of empowerment. 

Scope : Illustration






Inspired by the word reciprocity and the concept of sharing knowledge to empower each other. I thought of the Here center as being the missing puzzle piece to help students succeed. Imagery of the puzzle pieces can also represent the individuals (students, faculty, etc.) and how you need every piece to complete the puzzle.

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