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Hello there! My name is Kristine Rose :) Designing and strategizing the right visuals to tell a story for each brand to emotionally capture a target audience challenges and excites me to wake up every morning. Check out my                           


It's always a rush when given a new project, a fresh perspective because that leads me on a path of graphics never before imagined. I love collaborating ideas with others to create a better world for all. 



Interested in collaborating? Please get in touch with me via                                                                                       

My love for creating began with scrapbooking, then manifested into acrylic painting and finally found a home in visual design and brand identity. 

When I'm not designing,  I love cooking for my friends and family. It is the surest way to gather everyone at a table and connect with one another. 

Just like through food, I design brands to connect communities! 

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