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Confeté Soireé & Play

Brand Identity

     Confeté Soireé & Play is a destination where children can explore modern indoor playground, while parents can socialize in an upscale environment. A new way to play in Huntersville, North Carolina!


     The Intersect LA team and I were very excited to work for a client in another state. Connecting with the owner remotely, brought new challenges in creating high concept work at a faster pace. The increase in distance between client and company did not halt our progress in conceptualizing a brand identity for a children's indoor playground, design deliverables, a website and decorate the interior space with custom looks. 

Scope : Logo System

             Typography / Color

             Brand Guidelines


             Packaging / Deliverables

             Event Display


     In the first round of logo designs delivered, the client liked my direction of having the type extend beyond the confines of a box. I was inspired by a child's natural instinct to think outside the box and thought at Confeté Soireé and Play, kids come to let their imaginations run wild and have their own unique experience.


     The blue is strongly associated with tranquility and intelligence because parents want to know their child's enjoyment and educational needs are being met. 

     The yellow stands for the happiness of the child because at the end of the day it is most important that every child feels immersed in their own unique experience.   

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