The Ask 

I was tasked with introducing a regenerative farm called Garden Energy in Motion (GEM for short) to the kids school lunch market. I was asked to design the branding, launch deliverables and content production.


Brand Design

Brand Identity

Packaging Design


Content Production


Who is GEM Farming?

GEM Farming is a young, innovative and lively local farm not just because they are utilizing newer farming techniques to better the lands for more long term farming, but they deliver delicious lunches to kids using what they have grown. Their produce makes their meals enriching to help the body grow. Speaking of growing as a company and GEM’s customers, (the school kids) it’s important for this brand to convey their ability to deliver meals and instill their brand philosophy that regenerative farming helps the land move, shift, adapt, and grow better. 


My Approach 


Illustrating a set of fruit gems. 1. because the name of the farm is GEM, 2. crystals are known to have the Earth’s energy and can help recharge you and/or the Earth.

3. because this local farm delivers school lunches to kids and children tend to interact more with visuals that entertain them. Utilizing a non-traditional palette will get kids to see that eating healthy is more than just green, leafy vegetables. This color palette puts different emotional colors in their mind that will make them happy to eat healthy.  



Consumer Takeaways

Kids were more attracted to these school lunches than prior catering services. Parents had peace of mind that their child was not only eating healthy at school but learning about the benefits of eating healthy habits.