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The Ask 

I was challenged to design non-binary packaging for a luxury French fragrance brand, Diptyque. I designed the labels for the bottles and boxes for three different products.


Front of Package Design

Procreate Illustration

Collection Strategy


Who is Diptyque?

Diptyque is a pioneering parfumerie Maison, a precursor of the art of living through the senses, where fragrance and art are integral to everything. The oval logo is deeply rooted in Diptyque’s story. The thread of inspiration runs from ancient Rome to the fabric designs created during the early days of the Diptyque adventure. 

My Design Approach

Diptyque is famously known for their care in sourcing and picking ingredients sustainably and ethically. I wanted to showcase the care they take in choosing ingredients by illustrating a lush pattern of what key scents are highlighted in the products with thin strokes and small splashes of watercolor.


This illustrative background will adorn the bottles and packaging to remind customers of Diptyque’s quality ingredients and attention to detail. Adding a black band behind the infamous Diptyque seal will repeat the story of ingredients being bundled and carefully selected.



My Collection Strategy Approach

Naturally the body gets dry when you exit a pool or the ocean and you’re lounging around in the sun. This summer series incorporates  watercolor accents because of the collection's natural ability to prepare the body for being in the water.


The three products are a softening hand rinse, a waterproof sunscreen, and a hydrating cream to rejuvenate the skin from the harsh sun rays one can experience at the beach or poolside.


All the packaging base colors are inspired by a body of water:

evening on the lake, clear ocean blue, and sea green. 


Consumer Takeaways

Many responded positively to the distinctive blue hues of the packaging and wanted to purchase the product for its attention to detail illustrations. Upon closer inspection, one noticed the subtle differences in line work just like recognizing the subtlety of ingredient scents.

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