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The Ask 

A makeup artist based in Delaware reached out to me to rebrand his

19 year business, 1 MakeupMan. He said, "Make me look like the Beverly Hills of makeup." Russell wanted to breathe sophistication, elegance and prestige into his new look with clean, bold capital letters. He wanted to design new shirts and business cards for his onsite makeup team as well as see new ideas he could gift his brides post wedding. 


Brand Design

Brand Identity

Shirt Design

Business Cards

Deliverables for Post Event


Who is 1 MakeupMan?

1 MakeupMan is a modern, sophisticated onsite bridal and corporate makeup artist.  With over hundreds of weddings he has established not only a reputation for meticulous makeup, but a lifelong commitment to helping women feel even more beautiful and empowered on their special day! His passion for using the right hues of colors and textures, as well as actively listening to what the client wants, has created a very loyal following and friendship! However, his signature confidence in making every bride and her party feel relaxed and comfortable, through his presence and humor, makes him the perfect choice for every wedding.


My Approach

The face carved out of the "1" is the person receiving makeup. No eyelashes or lips were added in order to allude to the fresh canvas they have for 1MakeupMan to

create on. The face also represents the man behind the brand, Russell Borns. A font that ranges from thick to thin hints at the edge and skill his team carries. The modern woman will see this confident spacing of letters and know that 1 MakeupMan is a professional. Each letter is topped with a pointy flourish because makeup decisions

are always on point for any occasion. Electric blue adds life to the logo the same

way 1 MakeupMan’s energy enhances the experience of being glammed up.


Consumer Takeaways

Russell booked makeup appointments for 3 weddings after launching his new look for

1 MakeupMan. The team was also impressed with the modern looking gear designed for them. Couples that received a picture frame from him were ecstatic and will forever remember their special day being stress free because of 1 MakeupMan.

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